The volatility of cryptocurrency trading should not surprise you in the slightest. In this market, mere moments separate dazzling successes from abject failures. While many view this a serious problem, it is not enough to discourage massive investments at this juncture. Some, however, decide to embrace volatility instead of viewing it as an inevitable evil.

RIALTO.AI – a self-described “arbitrage, market making and prediction trading” platform – enables traders to directly profit from volatility.  As the profits come from arbitrage, the bigger the differences between varying exchanges, the bigger the profit.

The underlying algorithms deigned by the team of signal processing experts, economists and data scientists detect the most insignificant price fluctuations that trigger chain trades involving multiple cryptocurrencies. This effectively means that the market is monitored 24/7, maximizing potential gains.

Another bonus is a dedicated trading AI, created by the team. This self-learning bot is meant to track transactions and specific addresses to predict major shifts in the market. This alone could make the platform extremely attractive to cryptotraders.

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